Netflix vs BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer and Licence Fees

By Sean Willis 14 April 2017 - 16:50 GMT

According to the BBC Trust, Netflix has overtaken the BB iPlayer among younger viewers. In its report, it urged the BBC to take more risks to lure viewers from streaming television services. 


It said: “Growth of BBC online has slowed in the past couple of years and the breadth of use of flagship online services, such as iPlayer, is lower than we might expect: after nine years in operation, it is now used weekly by 13% of all adults (joint top with Netflix) and 21% of 16-34 year olds (second to Netflix).”

“If the audience reach of broadcast services continues to fall, then use of BBC online must grow, or the BBC’s ability to serve all audiences will be challenged,” 


The Trust said that because more and more viewers are switching to media content, BBC services’ reach has gradually fallen. It added that analysis is necessary in order to properly assess the impact of turning BBC3 into an online-only channel on younger audiences.

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