Facebook Targets Twitch


By Sean Willis 26 March 2017 - 10:00 GMT

Facebook, the largest social network, is giving you another reason to love it. Last year, it released Facebook Live, a feature that allows anyone to stream to their friends’ list with just one touch on their screen. The feature, which has been overwhelming popular, is coming to the desktop. It works the same way; you’ll go live with your webcam recording everything.


Gamers can also take advantage of this feature allowing them to choose where their mugshot will be overlaid atop the game before they go live. With GeForce Experience bundled with Facebook support, users have the option to stream using GFE or alternative streaming tools that enable Facebook support.


The feature also allows users to manipulate which camera their viewers is seeing, which means that they could swap back and forth their screen depending on what they want to get across to their viewers. This is useful for artists who would want to show off their digital creation and their set up.


Just like when posting anything on Facebook, going live also allows your viewers to react through emoticons as your stream goes on.

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