What is Twitch?


By Sean Willis 01 February 2017 - 00:00 GMT

Twitch is a streaming serving primarily for gamers who stream themselves playing games. It bears similarities to YouTube but a Twitch streamer has a ‘channel’ where they can stream themselves playing video games live. Each live stream has a chat room on the right side allowing viewers and the streamer to interact.


In the menu of channels on Twitch, there is a group called “creative” where users can stream themselves doing just about anything and everything under the sun. They may decide to cook, do yoga, make jewellery, or paint while people watch and talk to them.


Amazon bought Twitch for about $1 billion in 2014 due to its popularity. It has 100+ million unique viewers per month, 1.7 million unique broadcasters per month, and 15,000+ members on the Twitch Partner Program.


Watching Twitch does not require anything other than a computer, tablet or a smartphone. There is no subscription but you have to watch an advertisement before you can proceed to pick a game or a hobby. You can then start chatting with the host or fellow viewers or just relax and watch the show. 



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