Prince's Estate and Tidal


By Sean Willis 21 November 2016 - 09:00 GMT

Prince estate locks horns with Jay Z’s Tidal over streaming rights to the star’s music. In a court battle, Prince’s estate claims that Tidal is streaming more than a dozen of the star’s albums without permission. It is suing for damages and demanding that unlicensed materials be taken down.
Meanwhile, Tidal, which also filed its own petition, said that it has “both oral and written” licences for a wide range of material.
Prince pulled most of his catalogue from streaming sites just a month before releasing a new album exclusively on Tidal. At that time, the singer said that Tidal would allow him and his associated acts "to continue making art in the fashion we've grown accustomed 2 [sic]".
His other albums including Diamonds and Pearls, Purple Rain and 1999 subsequently became available exclusively on Tidal. Following his death, Tidal started streaming rare and obscure albums such as Crystal Ball.
Prince's estate and his NPG record label said Tidal and its parent company Roc Nation "have not provided any documentation substantiating Roc Nation's claim that it has rights to exploit any Prince Copyrighted Works in addition to the works that comprise the HitNRun: Phase 1 album".

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