Netflix membership grows to 93.8 million.


By Sean Willis 19 January 2017 - 16:39 GMT

On Wednesday, Netflix has announced that its worldwide membership grew to a staggering 93.8 million after it managed to attract 19 million in the last 12 months. Almost half of its members are outside the United States. Following its announcement, the company’s share price jumped by 8per cent in after hours trading on Wednesday.


The company is expected to reach the 100 million mark before its next quarterly announcement.


Last year, the company launched simultaneously in more than 130 countries becoming the dominant global video streaming service.


Netflix, which started making original programmes in 2013, said it will spend $6bn on new productions this year which include hugely popular shows such as Stranger Things and The Crown.


Globally, the company has a big lead in subscription numbers over its rivals with Amazon Prime having 70 million and Hulu with 12 million subscribers. In the US, the company enjoys up to 35.7per cent of all streaming traffic.


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